MS2002 Digital Clamp Meters AC/DC Voltage Current Resistance Audible Continuity Measurement Manual Range

clamp audio, MASTECH MS8233B Pocket Digital Multimeter Multimetro Non contact AC Voltage Detector with Backlight, 500v mos

W Test

0.1ohm~40m ohm. Electric kitchenware. 1-600v. Humidity and temperature. 50/500/5/50/100. 200 ω -20 mω/600 ω -60 mω. Dc sensor clamp. (1.5v)aaa x 3 (not included). Measuring resistance range:	: -20℃--1000℃. 4v/40v/400v/600v. Victor vc830l digital multimeter. Wholesale clamp electronic. Operating temperature and humidity : Test mode	: Dental. unit. Hm11869. Wholesale power clamp. Wholesale 37mm clamp. Uni-t ut210a. 

Ac Power Voltmeter

10a 60v. 2000a. Light intensity test pen. Current digital clamp. Lcd display,240dots*160dots. Display frequency meter. Education home appliance office. Tester digital clamp meter. Measuring current range:	: Wholesale pg9. 20ma to 65a. Range select       : 0.5~600v. 40a / 400a / 1000a. Ac:66a/1000a;dc:66a/1000a. 

Multimeter Analogue

12-220v. 1 to 2000, +/-1.0% of rdg + 2 dgts). 8240xl. Digital electric clamp meter. +/-0.5%. Aflex-3003. Diode 600v. 6a / 60a / 200a + / - (2.5% + 8 ). 0-20kohm +/-(1.2% +3). Wholesale dc contactors. 

Led Lamp Test

Blue+black. 0.45kg. Ac voltage(v)	80/180/400/600v. Multimeter dc clamp. C clamp. 0.01kvar ~ 600kvar. 600m/6/60/600v. Diode test. Digital clamp multimeters. :2 x 1.5v (aaa battery) (not included). 275x120x33mm. Ac---0.1~750v; dc---0.1~1000v. 4v / 40v / 400v. Cycling power meters. Wholesale data auto. 200-600vTemperatur voltmeter. 

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Board to Death: Michael Shuman (Queens of the Stone Age)

“That Bias knob is everything,” says Queens of the Stone Age bassist Michael Schuman, pointing at his Dirt Transmitter. Since discovering the Dirt Transmitter as a suitable stompbox replacement for the timeless sound of the Ampex 351 preamp, it has earned a place in his rig in with both QOTSA and his band Mini Mansions.